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Violet Pirate Pugs…

Hello there true believer… and how does this post find you? I just thought I would touch base with anyone out there that may be listening, as it has been a few weeks since my last post. I had been writing, but I never bothered to post because the things I was writing about were difficult to keep aloft on a positive wind. It all just kept gravitating to the negative and no matter how I tried to dress it up, it was always an ugly maid in a pretty dress with a decent vocabulary, which in the end is just an ugly maid. SO, I scrapped it this morning and I am starting a new post. Which was kind of remarkable because it was a rather large and well written post. I must admit that I did not anticipate the difficulty of writing in a constantly positive tone. I’ve made the mistake in the past of intentionally and unintentionally disparaging others in my writing which has only served to double my grief at the time. I write this blog as an outlet for my feelings but it’s difficult if those feelings are negative ones because then I am reduced to either vague and cryptic posts, or forced and inauthentic. That’s a balancing act I haven’t completely figured out yet. But today things are pretty rosy so I thought I would send a documentary message in this digital bottle and cast it forth on the ever growing waves of the world wide web.

Since my last post the last hours of summer crept away and fall has begun to settle in. The nights and mornings are brisk with glowingly temperate afternoons and evenings. I am putting another year to bed soon as my 35th year approaches. Halloween should be interesting as it will be our first year in a legitimate neighborhood to pass out candy. We initially planned to decorate the house to the 9’s with Halloween gusto. But it looks we may have to save the enthusiasm (as well as our money) for Christmas and Violet’s arrival.

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning and Violet is developing nicely within the confines of Melanie’s womb. Both girls are growing at an alarming rate that has consistently measured a week ahead of schedule. Melanie’s belly has taken on animation independent of her command- fluctuating and stretching as we watch wide eyed on the couch at home. Violet has just now entered the period of rapid fetal growth as now she is about to double or even triple in size in the span of about a month. The doctor said she is about 29 weeks along which only gives us about 6 weeks to get all of her provisions in order. This weekend we are hoping to get her diaper bag together and ready to roll at a moments notice for her arrival.

Speaking of new arrivals, we also brought home a new dog last weekend. She is a little fawn colored pug girl named Polly and she just turned 3 years old. 644329_636398763047002_111236987_n1381200_636398449713700_379803873_n

Polly serves as Gracie’s bookend as Gracie is our 4 year old black pug.

Obtaining Polly was a bit of adventure because we went through a rescue organization that coordinates adoptions and foster homes. It would have been a cake walk but the lady that was fostering Polly was NUTS and woefully unprepared to turn her over without a struggle. I’ll leave the report of that exchange at that, as I feel anything further would just be negative reflection. However, we also had the chance to dress Gracie up in a pirate costume because the rescue organization was hosting a pirate themed “Puggerfest” and they had a costume contest.


Gracie didn’t win or even place for that matter, but it was still a pretty fun time, minus the near stabbing and pepper spraying from Polly’s foster mom in the parking lot.

I admit this post is rather void of the usual brooding introspection, but I just wanted to document a few things before they zip on by like so much life. I’m thinking about starting and maintaining a tandum continental blog for the fiction I have quietly been tinkering with. I don’t really have much of a place for it on this blog without completely redesigning the site on my own and I really want people to read it. But aside from all that, I don’t have much else to report or reflect upon. I have a feeling I will muster a more meaty post next week though. But until then true believer, fight the good fight, and keep it between the ditches! Talk to ya later.


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